More than 90% of students in Northeast Houston are economically disadvantaged, facing barriers to their educational success that many of us never consider. They live in food desserts, with a lack of access to fresh, nutritional ingredients, their parents work multiple jobs, and they often can’t afford all the tools they need for educational success. In the past we’ve hosted back to school backpack giveaways and literacy fall fests, but these are one-day events, in a 180 day school year.

Last year’s oktoBrew helped fund semester-long programming in multiple schools, including gardening & mentoring. After school programming is one of the most effective ways to improve student outlooks, as hands-on experiences and new challenges get kids excited about learning while teaching them about practical applications to their classroom lessons! This year, although scores improved district-wide, 3 Northeast schools received D grades from the TEA and 1, Isaacs Elementary, received an F. To improve that, we’re hoping to fund an after-school program at each of these four schools, and the proceeds from every beer you buy will go directly towards making that reality. Interested in helping? You can donate here.

This past spring our students at Hilliard Elementary learned how to grow & cook their own food! Opportunities like this are especially important for children who live in food desserts, where fresh food is harder to find. This after-school gardening class was both a science & nutrition lesson - teaching our kids about plant life cycles while feeding them.

Here, our kids learned about the pickling process! The kids used math skills to convert multiply fractions (measuring out the pickling solution), chopped up & tasted some locally grown cucumbers, and got to witness the pickling process first hand.